Top Tips to Protect Your Garage Door This Winter

Winter is coming, and your garage door needs special care unless you want it to face all sorts of problems. Since your garage door is most likely a mechanical one and not a manual one, there are various problems that can arise. If you live in a place where it is extremely cold and chances of snowfall are high, you need to protect your garage door.

Our experts at Durham Doors urge all our readers to take care of the following three points and ensure protection for their garage door this winter.


The first and most essential thing to do is to inspect every part of your garage door carefully. This process will involve repeated opening and closing of the garage door. Things that you want to look out for are any odd sounds or movements the door makes. While any problem regarding movement will be associated with the door itself, sounds may come from the mechanism as well.

Note down any problem that you notice and make sure that you carefully inspect the problematic area for any visible anomaly. If the second step is unable to fix the issue, then the time is here to call the mechanic. Moreover, don’t delay in doing so since colder weather will only mean more damage to your door.


There are various processes you can engage in to keep your garage door mechanism healthy, but nothing beats the old oiling! You can either use engine oil or any spray type lubricant meant for mechanical parts. Apply the lubricant on the hinges of the door as well as any other moving parts. If your door is making odd sounds while opening and closing then lubrication should be a plausible solution.

Make sure that your door is closing all the way since this is a common problem during winters. And, something you want to stay away from is grease. Not only does it turn the entire mechanism into a sticky affair, but it also collects dust.


All the winter instruments you have stored safely inside now need to be brought out. Shovels, snow blowers, etc. are tools that you did not need during the summer. But now that winter is here it is a good time to check and ensure that all your machines are in place and in working condition. If you wake up to a few feet of snow in front of the garage, then you need to take care of it immediately. Allowing for the snow to sit on your garage door will surely lead to complication.

So, if you have your tools in place and in working condition, you will be able to take care of the problem with no time wasted at all.

Having a stuck garage door in winter can be a nightmare. With the help of these three easy steps, you can ensure that you stay as far away from this nightmare as possible.

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