Industrial & Commercial high speed garage doors, uses and explanation

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Industrial & Commercial high speed garage doors, uses and explanation

Commercial and industrial garage doors sometimes have to meet special needs that differ from the residential ones. A good example of a different type of garage doors is high-speed garage doors. These products use different types of garage door parts to achieve a different result. The strongest point in this kind of product is not to be a barrier against burglars or keep your home safe, but speed. Read on and learn everything you need to know about high speed garage doors.

High-speed garage doors

There are some industries that need to keep their products free from airborne contamination. For example, the pharmaceutical companies need to protect some of their more sensitive products from particles of air. Likely, these products are stored in deposits and need to be moved around for selling. During these operations, without a high speed garage door, air would penetrate the deposit and ruin the entire cargo. To prevent this from happening, high speed garage doors open and close fast enough to let a truck in and minimize contamination.

Another industry that needs high speed garage doors is the food industry. Some companies that work with raw products like meat need to keep bacteria out of the facilities. After processing, products are vacuum packed and can be shipped safely. Before that process takes place, companies minimize air contamination as much as possible. High speed garage doors play a huge role in achieving this goal as well and it is a common find in processing facilities.

Temperature loss and airflow

Another very important aspect of high speed garage doors is that they prevent climate fluctuations. There are some industries that work with very precise temperatures to preserve products and their cold cycle. For example, the fruits industry might keep an entire facility at a very low temperature to prevent goods from maturity. This is crucial to sell them off-season or in different places of the world.

High speed garage doors will open up and shut down fast enough as to prevent temperature drops or rises. Without a high speed garage door it would be impossible to work with large machines entering and leaving the facility. Thanks to the way this technology applies to the production cycle risks of losing merchandise can be minimal.

These are just some of the examples of high speed garage door uses; it is also common to find them in commercial environments. For example, a business with a restricted area can install a high-speed garage door to avoid the entrance of outsiders.

The Bottom line

High speed garage doors have simplified and improved the life of many industries in the world. This revolutionary method allows the entrance and exit of people and machinery without disrupting microclimates. Also, it helps preventing airflow, temperature loss and seal as quickly as they close. For commercial and industrial use, there is no better ally to your product quality than high speed garage doors. Durham Garage Doors sells, installs and provide great service on a plethora of models.

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