Here is the Ultimate Garage Door Parts Report You Need

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Here is the Ultimate Garage Door Parts Report You Need

Knowing your garage door parts is crucial in understanding how they work. Once you get to understand its functioning inside out, you can choose the best garage door. Also, it will help you a lot in case something goes wrong with the one you already have. Because of all these reasons, we put together the ultimate garage door parts report you need. Read on and learn about the basic components now.

Garage Door Parts: Springs

Springs are perhaps the most important garage door part. They are divided into two different categories

  • Torsion Springs – Usually mounted horizontally on top of the door, this type of spring gathers energy from winding up. When the door closes, the cable attached to the sides creates this effect. The energy stored in that torsion will then help open the door. If they wear out, eventually get weak and can’t lift the door anymore.
  • Extension Springs – These springs are always attached to the bottom corners of your garage door. When the door is closed, the springs are extended, and this creates enough energy to lift the door afterwards. The breakage of this spring is dangerous, always check that there’s a cable running through inside of it.

Garage Door Parts: Bearings and Bearing Plates

The bearing and bearing plates of your garage door are crucial to good functioning. The task performed by these parts is to attach the door to where it needs to be. In the case of torsion springs, it will be the top and in the case of the extension, it will be the bottom. If these are weak or badly installed, you could be taking serious risks; especially with extension springs.

Garage Door Parts: Rollers

Rollers are spring’s best friends. These need to be working fully smoothly to alleviate the weight the door carries up and down. For example, they can cause the premature breakage of the springs and bearings. The first symptom would be to feel your garage door got heavier and then the noise they make when they wear out.

Garage Door Parts: Hinges

A snapping or popping sound when your door opens or closes is the first symptom of bad hinges. These are in charge of keeping the entire structure of your garage door together. For safety measures you should check them every six months the least. If you find any stress crack or any other sign of wear, replace them.

Garage Door Parts: Weather Sealing

Perhaps the most overlooked part of your garage door is the weather sealing. It is not as crucial as the garage door springs but is key to safety and preserving heat or cool inside the house. You can buy a replacement in most places and attempt a DIY installation. Check them always after every season is over.

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