Tired of Hearing that Noise in your Garage Door? Change Those Spinners!

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Tired of Hearing that Noise in your Garage Door? Change Those Spinners!

Sometimes time goes by so fast that you forget to check if any part of your garage door needs replacement. Spinners are not an everlasting truth of nature, but a garage door part that wears out eventually. It is dangerous not to perform a quality check on them, they can have bad effects on other parts. Read on and understand why spinners are important to your garage door.

Not Just A Rollers Problem

Your garage door has many pieces that will need service from time to time besides a balance test. Things such as your garage door springs, hinges and more will need your attention eventually. Rollers don’t defy this rule and need to be checked also. The worst part about not checking rollers is that they can affect other garage door parts.

  • Garage door springs – Garage door springs are crucial to the best performance of your garage door. They are the ones lifting the structure regardless if they are torsion or extension ones. When rollers wear out and no longer accomplish their function, the door becomes heavier. This effect makes the springs work harder and break sooner.
  • Hinges – Your garage door hinges make the whole structure be held together. The first symptom of them working badly is a snapping or popping sound easily audible. This sound can be a stress crack due to the rollers not doing their job. Overlooking this symptom can be the death sentence of a healthy garage door.
  • Bearings and bearing plates – These are the structures holding your springs to the door structure. If the rollers fail to make the movement smoother and make the door heavier, they suffer. If the bearings or bearing plates of your garage door wear out and break, it can be disastrous.

Garage Door Rollers: Different Options

Garage door rollers come in different presentations made with different materials. Let’s review the most important two.

Black Nylon Rollers

These are usually the stock rollers you get with most garage doors. They are soft and lack any ball bearings. They usually support weight of up to 50 pounds each and have a utility of about 10,000 cycles. This kind is the first to wear out because they don´t have ball bearings to help keep the shape. Also, they tend to lose their diameter and pop out of the track bringing all sorts of complications. On the other hand, when they are working properly, they are silent and very smooth.

Steel Rollers

These are much noisier than the nylon garage door rollers but also much more durable. This durability is largely due to them having anyway between eight and ten ball bearing. Some people find the noise annoying and decide to go for the nylons changing them more often. Others prefer to go with the sturdier steel rollers lubricating them very often.

Durham garage doors repairs is the best option if you’re looking for garage doors Ajax, Bowmanville and Whitby. Replace those rollers in a timely fashion and protect your garage door much longer.

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