Safety Tips About Garage Doors You Need To Know

By July 13, 2019 July 26th, 2019 garage door care Durham

Safety Tips About Garage Doors You Need To Know

More than two third of the American population own garages, and most of them feature automatic garage doors. Garages are used for a variety of purposes such as storage, tool shed, etc. and of course for storing a vehicle.

If you own an automatic garage door then there are a few safety precautions that you should maintain. These are heavy machines and if manhandled can lead to hazardous situations. So, here are some safety tips about garage doors that you should keep in mind.

Let the door open and close unhindered

Don’t walk under an in-motion opening or closing garage door. And definitely don’t try to drive your vehicle underneath it until it’s fully open. The best course of action is to watch the garage door open or close fully and only then resume your activities.

Even if one of the garage door parts are dysfunctional the entire door may suddenly drop down, and thus it is better to steer clear of the door while in motion.

Regular maintenance and inspection

From well oiling your door to using WD 40 on the springs, taking care of your garage door is important if you want to stay away from hiring garage door services. But if you spot any problems with the movement of the door or otherwise, immediately contact professionals to come check on the mechanism.

Another point to keep in mind is to not overtly use the garage door when not necessary. Don’t use it as a means of entering and exiting the house, or don’t make it a storage area where you will be reaching for all the time. The less you use your door the longer it will last.

Laser sensors

Having laser sensors installed in garage doors is a great way to up the safety, especially if you have kids at home. These lasers scan for any object under the door and if it senses so then it stops the door from being closed. Laser sensors on garage doors can stop many a fatal situations from happening and you should get one installed today.

Don’t mess with the wiring

You may think that the wiring of a garage door is quite simple, however, it is not. There are numerous garage door parts and cables that are attached to them. These cables carry a huge amount of electricity and any wrong placement will give out a high voltage shock. This can be quite harmful if not handled with professional gear.

You can of course try the emergency cord if your garage door stops working, but if that still doesn’t work do not try to DIY. Garage door experts are available rather easily and you can have one reach your doorstep in no time.

If you are looking for one such garage door services company in the Ajax area, look no further than Durham Doors. And remember to follow these four safety precautions when handling an automatic garage door at home.