Top 5 Causes Of Garage Door Malfunctions

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Top 5 Causes Of Garage Door Malfunctions

Most garage doors are used more widely than the other entrance methods to the house. And for this reason alone the amount of wear and tear that garage doors face is much higher. So, a garage door malfunctioning is probably one of the most common problems that you will be faced with.

We at Durham Doors want you to understand why your garage door may be malfunctioning. So, here are the top 5 reasons you need to careful of.

Photo eye

Modern garage doors are fitted with a scanning mechanism known as the photo eye. This mechanism scans for any object below the door before closing it and stops the door from closing in case there is any object that might stop the door from closing entirely. Over time dust gets collected on the photo eye. As a result of this the door may refuse to close fully.

Cord problems

The operating mechanism that automates the opening and closing of a garage door runs on electricity. One of the most common problems to occur is that the electrical cords within the mechanism getting damaged. In such a case the electricity supply to the mechanism will be cut off and thus the door will not automatically open and close anymore.

Broken spring

While it is electricity that drives the automatic garage door mechanism, the opening and closing function itself is dependent on a spring placed inside. This spring may get damaged over time. As a result of this the door will either open halfway or will not open at all. Changing the spring regularly is one of the most important methods of keeping your garage door functional.

Limit settings

Each garage door has a particular setting which lets it know how far it should close or open. This setting is usually set according to the time taken. If the opening and closing mechanism gets old it takes more time. But since the limit settings remain the same, the system thinks that the door is completely open or close, while it is not. So, if your limit settings are not reset then the door will not close completely.

Remote problem

This is an aspect that no one thinks about. When a garage door doesn’t open or close the first thought that comes to mind is that the problem rests with the door itself. However, the problem might as well be with the remote. Most companies try to save budget by providing cheaper quality remote and thus they malfunction rather easily. So, next time your garage door malfunctions make sure to check the remote as well as the door mechanism.

These are the most common problems that cause garage doors to malfunction. It is safe to take precautions against all of them and ensure that you don’t end up spending a ton of money on engineers. Check the Durham Doors blog for details on how some of these problems can be dealt with in a DIY manner.