What To Do If Your Electric Garage Door Malfunctions?

By June 29, 2018 July 5th, 2019 garage door repair Ajax

What To Do If Your Electric Garage Door Malfunctions?

Manually handled garage doors are a rare sight in today’s times. This is because electrical doors are super easy to operate and they also save you time and energy. But every once in a while the electrical appliances that help the functionality of the door will stop working, and this is where people start to panic.

But you don’t need to immediately rush to the mechanic and spend a ton of money on fixing your garage door. Rather, here are a few professional tips from our experts at Durham Doors regarding malfunctioning garage doors.

The answer lies inside

If you reached home and noticed that your garage door is not opening, then the way to fix the issue is from the inside. If you can’t get inside your house and access the garage from the inside then you will probably have to call a technician. But if you are able to access the garage from inside then there is a bypass switch that can help bring a solution to your problem.

The bypass switch is usually located in the centre of the garage door. When you inspect the mechanism you will find a red rope hanging in there. This rope acts as an emergency release cord. If you pull it then the garage door will open all the way without the need of any electrical mechanism. However, before pulling on this rope make sure that your garage door is fully closed.

In case it is halfway open then the problem is not with the electrical mechanism. This is most likely caused by a broken spring which helps open and close the door. In such a case pulling the red rope will result in the door closing instead of opening. If you are opting for this method then make sure there is nothing beneath the door. However, the door will slam down with force and this may cause damage to the door itself.

How to open it

Once you have pulled down on the red rope you will hear a small click sound from the machinery. Watch out for this sound since this is the indication that the machinery has been overridden. Now you can simply lift up your garage door like any common shutter door. But make sure that you lift it all the way up till it’s securely locked. Otherwise, the door may come crashing down due to the mechanical system not holding it back anymore.

Keep in mind that once you have bypassed the mechanical setup, your garage door will remain a normal non electric door. Once you have reset the machinery, the garage door will once again become operable with the help of a remote. This can turn out to be a complicated process, so you may want to contact your technician for this.

A stuck garage door is quite a common phenomenon, and with the help of this article you can fix the problem yourself and not have to rely on a technician.