What to look for when searching for the best garage door company near you?

Looking for a garage door company can be a tough search; you´ll be trusting them with your family´s security. Garage doors are, most of the times, the last barrier between your family and the streets. If it is not reliable, durable or working properly it might turn into a hazard and also be very annoying. This article will cover all the aspects that you should be looking at when it comes to the best garage door company. Read on, do the proper research and buy the best garage door to protect what´s most important: your loved ones.


According to most security agencies in the US, one of the four weakest spots of most houses are garage doors. As a part of those problems with garage doors, studies state that getting down from your car to open or close can make you vulnerable. For this, the best thing is to look for a company that can provide you with a reliable opening system. There are some companies that will even offer you smart house technology opening it up with a mobile app. Allowing smart communication among parts is, perhaps, the best way to remain safe.

Reliability in this scenario is crucial for safety. Look for a garage door company that offers reliable, sturdy garage door openers.

Garage Door Parts availability

There is a fact in life we must face that things eventually break down. You might buy from the most reliable company in the region, but spare parts availability is crucial. When looking for a new garage door company to do the garage door opener system for you, ask for parts availability. There are some like Durham Garage Doors that offer service besides installation providing all spare parts.

It is important that you ask this on your first approach to the new garage door company; later will be too late. There are worse and more insecure things than having a faulty-working opening system. Even worse, you are exposed to sleeping with your door opened if your garage door company can’t provide the parts.

Security and functionality

These terms should not be opposing by any means when you are scouting for your next garage door company. The product that you install in your house has to be able to provide you with top-notch security and be easy to operate. Especially families who have several children should be able to securely and easily bring the door up and down.

Review the product line of the garage door company and make sure they offer this kind of product.

Customer service

This is the most important item on the list: customer service. There are some garage door companies like Durham Garage Doors that provide 24/7 repairs for your garage door opener in Ajax or Oshawa. In case something happens, you need to be covered.

Always look for these characteristics when finding the perfect garage door company for your house.

Industrial & Commercial high speed garage doors, uses and explanation

Commercial and industrial garage doors sometimes have to meet special needs that differ from the residential ones. A good example of a different type of garage doors is high-speed garage doors. These products use different types of garage door parts to achieve a different result. The strongest point in this kind of product is not to be a barrier against burglars or keep your home safe, but speed. Read on and learn everything you need to know about high speed garage doors.

High-speed garage doors

There are some industries that need to keep their products free from airborne contamination. For example, the pharmaceutical companies need to protect some of their more sensitive products from particles of air. Likely, these products are stored in deposits and need to be moved around for selling. During these operations, without a high speed garage door, air would penetrate the deposit and ruin the entire cargo. To prevent this from happening, high speed garage doors open and close fast enough to let a truck in and minimize contamination.

Another industry that needs high speed garage doors is the food industry. Some companies that work with raw products like meat need to keep bacteria out of the facilities. After processing, products are vacuum packed and can be shipped safely. Before that process takes place, companies minimize air contamination as much as possible. High speed garage doors play a huge role in achieving this goal as well and it is a common find in processing facilities.

Temperature loss and airflow

Another very important aspect of high speed garage doors is that they prevent climate fluctuations. There are some industries that work with very precise temperatures to preserve products and their cold cycle. For example, the fruits industry might keep an entire facility at a very low temperature to prevent goods from maturity. This is crucial to sell them off-season or in different places of the world.

High speed garage doors will open up and shut down fast enough as to prevent temperature drops or rises. Without a high speed garage door it would be impossible to work with large machines entering and leaving the facility. Thanks to the way this technology applies to the production cycle risks of losing merchandise can be minimal.

These are just some of the examples of high speed garage door uses; it is also common to find them in commercial environments. For example, a business with a restricted area can install a high-speed garage door to avoid the entrance of outsiders.

The Bottom line

High speed garage doors have simplified and improved the life of many industries in the world. This revolutionary method allows the entrance and exit of people and machinery without disrupting microclimates. Also, it helps preventing airflow, temperature loss and seal as quickly as they close. For commercial and industrial use, there is no better ally to your product quality than high speed garage doors. Durham Garage Doors sells, installs and provide great service on a plethora of models.

Here is the Ultimate Garage Door Parts Report You Need

Knowing your garage door parts is crucial in understanding how they work. Once you get to understand its functioning inside out, you can choose the best garage door. Also, it will help you a lot in case something goes wrong with the one you already have. Because of all these reasons, we put together the ultimate garage door parts report you need. Read on and learn about the basic components now.

Garage Door Parts: Springs

Springs are perhaps the most important garage door part. They are divided into two different categories

  • Torsion Springs – Usually mounted horizontally on top of the door, this type of spring gathers energy from winding up. When the door closes, the cable attached to the sides creates this effect. The energy stored in that torsion will then help open the door. If they wear out, eventually get weak and can’t lift the door anymore.
  • Extension Springs – These springs are always attached to the bottom corners of your garage door. When the door is closed, the springs are extended, and this creates enough energy to lift the door afterwards. The breakage of this spring is dangerous, always check that there’s a cable running through inside of it.

Garage Door Parts: Bearings and Bearing Plates

The bearing and bearing plates of your garage door are crucial to good functioning. The task performed by these parts is to attach the door to where it needs to be. In the case of torsion springs, it will be the top and in the case of the extension, it will be the bottom. If these are weak or badly installed, you could be taking serious risks; especially with extension springs.

Garage Door Parts: Rollers

Rollers are spring’s best friends. These need to be working fully smoothly to alleviate the weight the door carries up and down. For example, they can cause the premature breakage of the springs and bearings. The first symptom would be to feel your garage door got heavier and then the noise they make when they wear out.

Garage Door Parts: Hinges

A snapping or popping sound when your door opens or closes is the first symptom of bad hinges. These are in charge of keeping the entire structure of your garage door together. For safety measures you should check them every six months the least. If you find any stress crack or any other sign of wear, replace them.

Garage Door Parts: Weather Sealing

Perhaps the most overlooked part of your garage door is the weather sealing. It is not as crucial as the garage door springs but is key to safety and preserving heat or cool inside the house. You can buy a replacement in most places and attempt a DIY installation. Check them always after every season is over.

Durham Door is a premium garage door supplier where you can find these and many more. Buy or service your garage door with the best in the business!

Tired of Hearing that Noise in your Garage Door? Change Those Spinners!

Sometimes time goes by so fast that you forget to check if any part of your garage door needs replacement. Spinners are not an everlasting truth of nature, but a garage door part that wears out eventually. It is dangerous not to perform a quality check on them, they can have bad effects on other parts. Read on and understand why spinners are important to your garage door.

Not Just A Rollers Problem

Your garage door has many pieces that will need service from time to time besides a balance test. Things such as your garage door springs, hinges and more will need your attention eventually. Rollers don’t defy this rule and need to be checked also. The worst part about not checking rollers is that they can affect other garage door parts.

  • Garage door springs – Garage door springs are crucial to the best performance of your garage door. They are the ones lifting the structure regardless if they are torsion or extension ones. When rollers wear out and no longer accomplish their function, the door becomes heavier. This effect makes the springs work harder and break sooner.
  • Hinges – Your garage door hinges make the whole structure be held together. The first symptom of them working badly is a snapping or popping sound easily audible. This sound can be a stress crack due to the rollers not doing their job. Overlooking this symptom can be the death sentence of a healthy garage door.
  • Bearings and bearing plates – These are the structures holding your springs to the door structure. If the rollers fail to make the movement smoother and make the door heavier, they suffer. If the bearings or bearing plates of your garage door wear out and break, it can be disastrous.

Garage Door Rollers: Different Options

Garage door rollers come in different presentations made with different materials. Let’s review the most important two.

Black Nylon Rollers

These are usually the stock rollers you get with most garage doors. They are soft and lack any ball bearings. They usually support weight of up to 50 pounds each and have a utility of about 10,000 cycles. This kind is the first to wear out because they don´t have ball bearings to help keep the shape. Also, they tend to lose their diameter and pop out of the track bringing all sorts of complications. On the other hand, when they are working properly, they are silent and very smooth.

Steel Rollers

These are much noisier than the nylon garage door rollers but also much more durable. This durability is largely due to them having anyway between eight and ten ball bearing. Some people find the noise annoying and decide to go for the nylons changing them more often. Others prefer to go with the sturdier steel rollers lubricating them very often.

Durham garage doors repairs is the best option if you’re looking for garage doors Ajax, Bowmanville and Whitby. Replace those rollers in a timely fashion and protect your garage door much longer.

Top Tips to Protect Your Garage Door This Winter

Winter is coming, and your garage door needs special care unless you want it to face all sorts of problems. Since your garage door is most likely a mechanical one and not a manual one, there are various problems that can arise. If you live in a place where it is extremely cold and chances of snowfall are high, you need to protect your garage door.

Our experts at Durham Doors urge all our readers to take care of the following three points and ensure protection for their garage door this winter.


The first and most essential thing to do is to inspect every part of your garage door carefully. This process will involve repeated opening and closing of the garage door. Things that you want to look out for are any odd sounds or movements the door makes. While any problem regarding movement will be associated with the door itself, sounds may come from the mechanism as well.

Note down any problem that you notice and make sure that you carefully inspect the problematic area for any visible anomaly. If the second step is unable to fix the issue, then the time is here to call the mechanic. Moreover, don’t delay in doing so since colder weather will only mean more damage to your door.


There are various processes you can engage in to keep your garage door mechanism healthy, but nothing beats the old oiling! You can either use engine oil or any spray type lubricant meant for mechanical parts. Apply the lubricant on the hinges of the door as well as any other moving parts. If your door is making odd sounds while opening and closing then lubrication should be a plausible solution.

Make sure that your door is closing all the way since this is a common problem during winters. And, something you want to stay away from is grease. Not only does it turn the entire mechanism into a sticky affair, but it also collects dust.


All the winter instruments you have stored safely inside now need to be brought out. Shovels, snow blowers, etc. are tools that you did not need during the summer. But now that winter is here it is a good time to check and ensure that all your machines are in place and in working condition. If you wake up to a few feet of snow in front of the garage, then you need to take care of it immediately. Allowing for the snow to sit on your garage door will surely lead to complication.

So, if you have your tools in place and in working condition, you will be able to take care of the problem with no time wasted at all.

Having a stuck garage door in winter can be a nightmare. With the help of these three easy steps, you can ensure that you stay as far away from this nightmare as possible.

Five Ways To Know If Your Garage Door Spring Is Broken

An automatic garage door operates on various components, but none perhaps need your attention as much as the garage door spring. This is a small component inside the door that helps it be lifted up and down automatically. Any defunct garage door part can pose as a possible threat to the well functioning of the entire mechanism. But the spring is one of those components that require changing quite frequently.

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